Research Areas Of Interest

In addition to Associates’ own research projects, SIRP hopes to inspire others to undertake intellectual or artistic work in the following vital areas, with national or regional focus:
  1. The state, citizenship, sources of the law, nationhood, cultural and geographical diversity, identity and belonging, ethnic, religious and gender-based equity.
  2. Post-conflict rehabilitation and peace cultivation.
  3. Economic and environmental management, particularly of Sudan oil resources for social well-being and progress.
  4. Information technology diffusion and role in different sectors, for example, education, healthcare delivery and administration, and democratization of the political process.
  5. Education and institutes of higher learning.
  6. Sudan languages, language policy and planning.
  7. Documentation and mapping of under-researched and or suppressed areas of Sudanese history, including oral narratives of regions, cities, and social movements.

Partner Organizations

SIRP is committed to cooperation with educational and other civil society institutions in the Sudan on projects of common interest. Our approach emphasizes efficient, innovative ways to help mitigate problems of resource shortage and management. Current Partner Organizations include:

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